There are many industrial operations that are producing waste water and process water that is at risk of contamination such as Wind Farms, Power Plants, Paper Mills and a host of others

Advanced Sensors range of process analysers can help with the management, monitoring and optimisation of various processes within Industrial Applications, a few examples are given below:

Power and Paper Plants– Protect your infrastructure and the environment by being alerted of hydrocarbon leaks in advance of them becoming an issue. Advanced Sensors Oil in Water analysers can measure light to heavy crude oils down to ppb making the ultimate measurement choice for the application.

Plastic Manufacturing Waste Water– Plastic manufacturing can produce phenol and other hydrocarbon components that can be leaked into the discharge water. Advanced Sensors 500 series of analysers can measure these components to high levels of accuracy and reliability.

Hydroelectric Dams– Corrosions from water in lubrication oils can damage the expensive infrastructure and cause downtime. Advanced Sensors Water Cut/Water in Oil analysers can measure the content of water and thus extend lifetime of components and reduce downtime. Leaks from the lubrication oil into waste water can have a negative environmental impact to receiving water. Measuring the content of oil in water accurately with the Advanced Sensors Oil in Water analyser can monitor hydrocarbon content and enable you to meet your environmental requirements.