Offshore installations, whether it’s a drilling rig, production platform or FPSO, have some of the most testing operating environments possible. Operators must combine the drive to efficiency with their environmental commitments.

Whatever analyzer you choose should not only match your needs and add value but must not take up valuable resources whether that’s personnel or consumables.

Discharge Management

Oil platforms generate produced water and this must be managed.  For every country there are regulations setting limits on the amount of hydrocarbons than can be disposed of overboard and a range of different lab techniques that can be used for reporting this amount.  An on-line fluorescence analyzer can provide continuous measurement of the oil concentrations in the discharge water.

The EX-1000 from Advanced Sensors is a side stream analyzer which not only can provide you with extremely accurate results, but can cater for changes in the size of oil droplets using the homogenisation effect of its ultrasonics.   Using the built in spectrometer, the EX-1000 can detect changes in the oil type and the presence of chemicals that also fluoresce, ensuring that you have as complete a picture as possible.

As the volume of your discharge water increases, you need a system that will meet your changing demands, work reliably and with minimal operator input required.  Having provided hundreds of low maintenance systems worldwide, Advanced Sensors is well placed to help you.

Process Improvement

Every platform has to recover as much oil as possible, as efficiently as possible.  In order to make improvements you need to understand how well the current system is working.  Advanced Sensors manufactures a dual-probe system (EX-100P2) that allows simultaneous measurement of oil concentrations at the inlet and outlet of any separator, providing continuous on-line information about the effectiveness of your separators.

The effectiveness of each different technology is impacted by the makeup of the particles in the water.  Use of a microscopy analyzer, provides the ppm level and size distribution of solids, oil and gas in the water, ensuring that you have the right information to optimise your separator systems.

For example, with the EX-400M, you could set an alarm to trigger if the system shows a high concentration of solid particles over a given size, which could then enable a divert valve to route the produced water through a sand filter.

Built fit for purpose

All Advanced Sensors analyzers are built fit for purpose.  Designed to operate in harsh environments, with no day to day maintenance, and to consistently provide highly accurate and reliable results – it’s no wonder these are the World’s Best Oil in Water Analyzers.