With the growing demand for deepwater oil and gas production, subsea technology has come to the fore.

There is an increased drive to establish subsea separation technology with the aim of improving oil recovery and reducing costs, as well as providing access to previously infeasible projects.  The success of this will rely upon the ability to accurately monitor the performance of these separators, necessitating a subsea capable oil in water analyzer.

Putting more technology on the seabed can provide important advantages, however it brings its own challenges: the harshness of the environment, the difficulty of access and the cost of investment. Any equipment used subsea should be highly durable, require no maintenance and have a long life to provide a good return on investment.

With its FluoroTrak leak detection system, Advanced Sensors already has proven subsea equipment in its portfolio. Operating on an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), FluoroTrak has been deployed to provide leak detection in deepwater environments.

Already renowned for building the World’s Best Oil in Water Analyzers, Advanced Sensors has now embarked on a subsea project in conjunction with a number of leading oil companies.  This project will provide a no maintenance, high availability, long life analyzer for use in deepwater.

Advanced Sensors will combine aspects of its existing product portfolio and experience with additional demands from its customers to provide a highly effective subsea analysis solution.

  • Existing subsea product – FluoroTrak
  • Existing maintenance free technology
  • High accuracy and high repeatability systems
  • Fluorescence, spectroscopy and microscopy based solutions
  • In-line and sampling solutions
  • High temperature and high-pressure solutions
  • Remote access, diagnostics and control

If you would like to work with Advanced Sensors, to help shape the design of its subsea analyzers, or if you wish to register your interest in using the analyzers when they become available, then please contact us at