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Advanced Sensors Ltd EX100P analyser approved for laboratory reporting

7th August 2019

ASL is proud to announce that it’s EX100P Oil in Water analyser has been approved for reporting the discharge of produced water from the North Sea Edvard Grieg platform by the Norwegian Authority. This is a huge achievement as it is only the third such analyser to be approved.

The process to become approved involves establishing a correlation between the measurements reported by the ASL analyser and the customers approved laboratory reference method. To permit ongoing use of the analyser for produced water discharge reporting, further samples will be taken at an agreed frequency (e.g. weekly). This is to ensure the difference between the value reported by the ASL analyser and the laboratory method remains ~3.5 mg/l.

Mr Paul McCrea, ASL General Manager, stated, “Reliability is one of the core aspects of our analysers. To have confirmation the analyser is performing consistently to such an accurate tolerance, is a true testament to the workmanship of our Engineers and technical employees.”

The EX100P Oil in Water analyser uses fluorescence to provide continuous accurate measurements of oil concentrations in water. Reliable real-time data enables operators to take accurate discharge measurements and to improve efficiency of separation processes enabling cost reductions.

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