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IWC Orlando

26th February 2016

Business Development Manager for USA, Duane Germenis, and Lisa Houston, Process Analytics’ Director represented Advanced Sensors at the International Water Conference (IWC) in Orlando, USA from 15th to 19th November 2015.

IWC is a strong educational conference, founded with an emphasis on commercial free discussions on technology.

As the preeminent international technical forum in the field, the IWC brings together end users, researchers, practicing engneers, managers, educators, suppliers and contractors. It is dedicated to advancing new developments in the treatment, use and reuse of water for industrial and other engineering purposes. Attendees come to learn unbiased details about the latest applications available in the industry, get educated on current technology and hold wide ranging discussions with their peers active in water treatment.

This year Duane Germenis took part in the IWC 5K race and won it! Congratulations Duane!

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