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Oil Industry Looking for Storage Solutions

6th May 2020

According to a recent article published in The Guardian (read here), the Oil Industry is now looking to “alternative storage solutions such as; supergiant tankers, rail freight carriages and even underground salt caverns”. Whilst these may be temporary measures to ‘ride out the storm’ so to speak, all stored oil still needs to be monitored and industry regulations followed.

To allow storage tanks to be dewatered without oil content, monitoring of the oil water interface inside the tank and at the effluent is essential. Especially if the process is automated.

To measure this, Advanced Sensors Oil in Water analysers and/ or Water cut meters can be used.

At the effluent where the highest sensitivity to low concentration of oil it is essential, in order to raise an alarm at the slightest hint of oil, there is no better solution than Advanced Sensors Oil in Water Analysers.

Pictured is one of 70+ in-line probe analysers (EX-100P and EX-100P2) installed at one site in the Middle East for crude oil dewatering tanks.


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