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PD-1000 replaces HD-1000

6th May 2020


Advanced Sensors is very excited to be launching the new PD-1000 portable analyser, building on the many years of operation of the HD-1000, which as of this notice will no longer be offered as part of the excellent product line at Advanced Sensors.

The PD-1000 uses a cuvette-based measurement rather than the dip probe measurement. Using a cuvette greatly improves the reliability, accuracy and ease of use of the instrument. All other features are similar to the successful HD-1000.

Click here to view PD-1000 datasheet.



Part number: HD-GA-0015-1-A
Part Description: HD General Assembly with Calibration Kit
Part Number: HD-GA-0015-2-A
Part Description: HD General Assembly No Calibration Kit




Part number: PD-GA-0001-1
Part Description: Safe Area Portable Fluor OiW Analyser with Spectral Analysis




Support and Warranty for Existing HD-1000
1. We will continue to support all HD-1000 in the context of information on best practices for how to use the device. For example, how to perform a calibration or how to measure different oils.
2. There will no-longer be software upgrades for the HD-1000.
3. Download portal for HD-1000 calibration files will remain open.
4. We will continue to support spare part requirements, both inside and outside the warranty period.

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