Our Track Record

2008 was a significant growth period, increasing sales to Statoil in the North Sea and breaking in to new markets with sales to Chevron in the USA, Petronas/Murphy in Malaysia, Petrobras in Brazil, PetroSA in South Africa and closer to home Marathon in Ireland. Sales to refineries in Korea and Croatia opened up a new market segment.

2009 brought new customers with Total, PDO, Schlumberger, KNOC, Shell, GDF Suez, SBM and Nexen all taking units in territories as diverse as Gabon, India, Oman, Brazil, Vietnam, Canada and the North Sea.

In 2010 Advanced Sensors introduced its in-line probe and secured an order for 105 sensors for a tank farm in Abu Dhabi, the largest ever single order placed for oil in water analyzers.

2011 was a consolidation year for Advanced Sensors, confirming our position in key markets with more than 20 units in each of the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, and more than 30 in Brazil. In addition to individual orders, there was a growth in the sale of multiple units with Petrobras, Chevron, Maersk, Total, Statoil and BP all ordering 4 or more units at a time.

2012 Advanced Sensors began its entrance in to the Particle Size Analysis market, with the first sales of the new microscopy units for customers in the North Sea, USA and Africa in addition to the many trials underway.

2013 saw the launch of a low maintenance oil in water monitor for use in a non-hazardous environment to meet the needs of the industrial waste water market. The sidestream version and the probe version were developed together and launched in quick succession.

Advanced Sensors followed up with a portable (handheld) unit for quick and easy measurements directly in water or directly in flow.

By the end of 2014 Advanced Sensors had created a huge installed base of analysers and were busy providing advice, guidance and support to customers. Responding to requests from customers and operators they added new features to the current product range as well as improving performance including extending the upper range to beyond 20,000ppm and refining the lower range to sub ppm.

Ongoing development activities and trials include absorbance based technology for the detection of light oils, and exploring subsea technologies.

The continued development of the product range will provide new market opportunities and experience, coupled with their specialist support services will further strengthen Advanced Sensors position as Oil in Water Analytical Experts.