World Class Technology

The evolution of measurement techniques over the last 40 years in the Oil & Gas industry from grab samples being tested in a lab to the use of on-line analyzers was the first step in providing information that was beneficial to operators and oil companies.

Unfortunately they suffered from problems relating to fouling, reliability, accuracy and constant maintenance, leading to a lack of confidence in these analyzers as a dependable solution.

The introduction of Advanced Sensors revolutionary oil in water analyzers in 2005 was a step change in technology.

The EX-100 was the first low maintenance analyzer to provide continuous uninterrupted accurate and repeatable measurement of oil concentrations. Oil companies could now meet their regulatory oil in water discharge requirements with confidence.

For the first time, reliable real time data enabled them to take the next step and improve the efficiency of their separation processes, saving money and resources, and reducing downtime.

Following the adoption of this technology standard, in collaboration with customers and other industry experts, Advanced Sensors has developed a wide portfolio of low maintenance products, all with complete remote access capabilities.

Building on these established strong technology platforms, Advanced Sensors development continued with:

  • A low maintenance oil in water monitor for use in a non-hazardous environment to meet the needs of the industrial waste water market.
  • A portable (handheld) unit for quick and easy measurements directly in water or directly in flow.
  • Currently trialling an absorbance based analyser for the detection of light and nearly colourless oils such as light condensates, base oils and mineral oils that current fluorescence techniques cannot detect.
  • Exploring subsea technologies to meet the new and challenging demands of the subsea revolution and of the growth of decommissioning.

The continued development of the product range will provide new market opportunities and experience, this coupled with their specialist support services will further strengthen Advanced Sensors position as Oil in Water Analytical Experts.