Handheld Oil in Water analyzer

  • Fluorescence
  • Spectroscopy

The Advanced Sensors HD-1000 is a portable handheld Oil in Water analyzer with an integrated probe to measure oil directly in water samples. The industrial flexible probe allows for real-time measurements, with spectral analysis which enables oil type identification. These features make the HD-1000 a unique and revolutionary device for the Oil in Water analysis industry.


  • Real-time measurement
  • Accommodates both direct Oil in Water measurement and solvent extraction measurement
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)
  • Various measurement ranges configurable (0-10ppm, 0-100ppm […] up to 0-3,000ppm)
  • Integrated spectral analysis
  • Robust, flexible optical probe for ease of measurement in various applications
  • Incorporated touch screen with auto orientation
  • On screen notepad
  • On screen user manual
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications
  • Portable and light weight (0.8kg)
  • User interface available in English, with some key phrases available in Arabic, French, Norwegian, Italian, Chinese and Spanish.


  • Easy to use
  • No solvents or consumables required Instantaneous measurement: no sample pretreatment or preparation required
  • Spectral analysis allows oil recognition and the presence
    of chemicals Automatic software update (optional)
  • Measurement data log can be shared via email, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Downloadable oil calibration files from cloud based library

The EX-100/1000 uses the following technologies


Providing unrivalled accuracy and reliability of Oil in Water concentration

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Using spectral analysis to detect changes in water composition.

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You can find a full technical specification for the HD-1000 in the datasheet.

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Datasheet PDF