• Water Cut
  • Capacitive
  • Smart Sensor

The EX rated WiO-300P series is a Water Cut analyser that measures the amount of water in oil to high levels of accuracy. Water Cut is also referred to as Water in Oil, BS&W, OWD or WFM. The smart sensor technology uses a capacitive method to measure the percentage of water contained within the sample, with a large measurement range from a few 100ppms to 100% water.*

The WiO-300P sensor is an insertion model that can be provided as a fixed length flanged unit or supplied with a kit providing retraction under pressure. Pressure class up to 1500#.


  • High level of accuracy +/-0.05% up to 5% water cut.
  • Large measurement range 200ppm to 100% water in oil.*
  • Optional static mixer.
  • Optional spool section.
  • Temperature compensation.
  • 4-20mA and Hart communications.
  • Isokinetic sampling.
  • (*Range will depend on operating conditions; in general, 0-65% for  most applications and up to 100% for example sweet water).


  • Smart sensor, no need for a separate controller.
  • Option to combine the Water Cut with Advanced Sensors Oil in Water Analysers.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy to install.
  • ATEX or FM/UL Explosion Proof.

The WIO-300P uses the following technologies


Providing unrivalled accuracy and reliability of Water Cut

Smart Sensors

Low Power, no need for a separate controller, all technology including display and controller is included in the sensor.

You can find a full technical specification for the WIO 300P in the datasheet.

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